Friday, February 16, 2007

Using ipod to read ebooks

A free converter tool that makes it possible by allowing us to convert our ebooks or other textual materials into ipod notes format, hence we can read it on our ipod.

Daniel Duris, the creator of this script has this to say,

“This utility/PHP script loads large text file and splits it into notes for use on iPod. It is easy to read your book in plain text format on your iPod via Notes functionality. All notes will be automatically linked, so you can move from one to another with absolute ease. It’s as simple as turning pages of the book.”

Although many converter programs/softwares has sprung up, the ease of this free ebook-converter-tool is astounding. Though this news has already been a year old or more, but it still remains as an effective go-to tool.

Let's Create our ipod ebook now,

Head over to ipod-ebook-creator. Choose your ebook or any text material. Make a text file(*.txt) version of it (ie. Copy all your ebook content into your notepad and save it). Now in the converter tool area, browse for the created *.txt file, name it and upload. Next download the zip file the converter has made. Assuming that you are using itunes, make sure you have enabled the 'disk mode'. To do that, if you aren't, go to edit >> preferences >> general, select 'Enable disk use'.

Now unzip the entire folder into your ipod notes folder/partition. Now, after unplugging the ipod from your computer, go to Extras >> notes.

The file appears on top with the name you chose along with the number suffix (eg.file001), open it. At the end of the file you find a link that will automatically navigate to the next part/page of your ebook in the folder.

That's it ! you are done.

Well, if you want to read a webpage on your ipod, before saving it as a text file, visit, where you can convert a webpage directly to ipod notes format by just entering the web page url.

If you don't have enough ebooks, just browse through project gutenberg for library of free books.

You can also head over to to browse through the catalog by authors, subjects or publishers. These ebooks come in variety of formats (html, pdf, ptiff, txt). Download necessary readers, if you cannot access the files. If you are unsure of any file formats, you can always get a free reader just by searching for it in the search engines.

If you rather prefer to get the ebooks directly in the ipod notes format, head over to, which has over 15,000 of free ebooks.