Monday, September 26, 2011

Rip DVD movies and save to computer

You have a movie DVD! 

You recently bought a movie DVD, Sherlock Holmes, at Walmart, you want to have it on your computer or ipod or iphone or anywhere. Your goal now is to get that DVD quality of that movie into a digital format that you can view on anything. The fact is that you don't have to copy all the contents of the DVD and try to watch the movie from there. You can indeed save that movie, without compromising the quality, but in a much smaller size. So you can Rip a movie from DVD!

How do I rip a movie from the DVD?

You know what I am thinking about. A Tool to do the job. You're right you caught me. But let me share the tool I personally use to rip movies from DVD to AVI or MP4 or MOV or 3GP format preserving its high definition quality. It's ImTOO DVD Ripper, its a DVD ripper software for movie fans like you and me. Well there are freewares that can do this job, but I don't like to wait 2+ hrs to get the ripping process done. I would rather pay some $40 to get the professional tool to do the job, that has a team backing the tool, supporting and improvising it. I'd be glad to have my Sherlock Holmes movie ready to watch on ipad in 45 minutes including all the extras and special features. But you can exclude those as well.

I know I have done my research good in choosing a tool that saves my time. Ok enough of enough loving  my tool. I would keep loving it more whenever I rip a movie from a DVD. But that's me. I would recommend you to take your time, knowing about that tool, and giving it a try, after all we need to get things gone quickly and spend time watching it rather than waiting for freeware tools to take hours getting the same job done.

How to Rip a movie from DVD using Imtoo DVD Ripper?

Its time to put my favorite program to its test. How long does it take and what's the quality of the output?

From the image above its evident that ImTOO DVD Ripper has a very simple user interface and navigation.
The first step is choosing the profile. It can be iPod H.264 Video format. Choose the destination folder, like shown on the bottom of the program. You can add extra files like subtitles etc.. and get to ripping.You can as well choose the video resolution, sound quality and give it a name from the right-hand panel. The preview of the movie is shown in the preview box.

The above screen shows the progress of the ripping process. Looks like the 1 hr 32 min DVD is going to be ripped within 15 min at 720 x 576 screen size, with the audio AC3 6 channel output. Preview can be seen on the bottom-right. Looks like a pretty good job for watching it on iPad!

This is how I rip DVD movies and save to computer!