Tuesday, January 1, 2008

who turned ipod box into a pandora's box ?

According to Greek mythology, pandora couldn't resist opening the box filled with evil, entrusted to her. So did Eve couldn't resist eating her bad apple according to the Bible.

Taking advantage of the curiosity and of course the lame store-policy, a bad apple somewhere in the chain between Apple and the Dealers warehouse, decided to play a prank on the ipod customers.

But the girl who found rocks in the ipod box, or the one who found some weird notes with some books, had known that it was a bad apple, could have saved her excitement and nevertheless a lot of trouble.

Yes, you read that right. In october, a 14 year old girl, Regan Ritter, of Texas who got set to rock when she opened her ipod box presented on her birthday, only found some rocks in it. Not the rock music. Just Rocks. Her mom who bought it at the rock-bottom price at Target got it replaced as soon as possible after demanding refund and getting rejected, but as you can probably guess, the second box was also stuffed with rocks. Target refused to refund her money and insisted to spend her $350 on other items. No word yet whether she got ipod since then.

Now, on the christmas day, a father from Washington D.C who decided to present her daughter with an iPod, again got hold of some bad apple's pandoras box. This time the girl, found a wacky note and some books on enlightment.

Well, that weird note read:

"Reclaim your mind the from the media shackles. Read a book and resurrect yourself. To claim your capitalistic garbage go to your nearest Apple Store."
The girl's dad thus returned the iPod to WalMart where he had initially purchased it, and received a full refund. Apparently, the WalMart store explained that this same thing had happened to another person, and that Apple is responsible for it. Yes, a Bad apple at Apple or somewhere in the chain between Apple and the Dealers Warehouse is having a few laughs turning iPod box into a Pandora's Box ? [via]

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