Monday, August 24, 2009

Podtastic back!

The podtastic blog which was dormant for a long period is now going to resume to post again! We have come back to contribute again! iPod has been a passion for us and for you since its inception. But i know we have disappointed a lot of subscribers providing with valuable hacks and tips that you can use. But now we are back, we will not go again. We have returned to our passion, which we loved doing!

So we are going to start with some thing new that you all are waiting to listen from us, about the iPod touch. Yes we are going to talk about that, and also cover how to how to resize your homemade video for the iPod, so that you can save on the Memory!

So this is gonna be up for the next topic!

Till then you pod! :D
A great euphonious in every box
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