Friday, April 20, 2007

Free movies for your ipod

Great movies never leave our hearts, so should they do with your ipod. Now you can capture those best classical hits, as well as some cartoons such as Tom & jerry, and even better play them on your ipod. Public Domain torrents offers free movie downloads - Classic movies and B-Movies.

You can browse through from wide variety of movie categories - action, adventure, animation, comedy, drama, musicals, family, westerns, horror . . . .

These Movies come in all format you want, avi, mp4, google video, PDA, Playstation PSP or ZUNE, and IPOD video format. Every single movie comes with more than one option of downloading them, as you can see below, here the movie Jack London has three options, Pda, ipod and Psp.
When you click to download a movie, the movie file comes out as a torrent file. Save it. But before doing anything with it, You must have a torrent client installed to download your movie from that torrent thing. Bit comet, is widely used torrent client and it is free. you can then download the movie by opening the torrent file, bitcomet downloads the file.

If you have not downloaded any movies or any large files, it does take some 3-6 hours to download on broadband internet connection. If you are on a slow internet connection or want the movie delivered at your doorstep , you can get it shipped on DVD/CD for $1, add another $5 for shipping and handling.

If you like to download the file instead and unsure if you can play it on the ipod, the file format you are going to download, no worries, download a free ipod video converter that will do all the dirty work for you. But make sure the converter can handle the movie format you are going to download.

Ipod Video Converter [Direct Download :]

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