Saturday, April 21, 2007 - Get free ebooks in ipod notes format is the digital repository of over 16,000 ebooks [still growing], in over 30 different languages, and available in almost every formats you can think of. And the best of all, You can download ebooks directly in the ipod notes format.

you can search for an ebook by the authors name, by its titles, by the language written, and browse through over 50 categories - Adventure, Audiobook, cooking, music, sexuality, non-fiction, romance, travel, short stories, health to name a few.

What's more ? you get the weekly movers and shakers, showing the top downloads of the week. you can also subscribe to its Rss feeds. Almost every categories, and topics can be subscribed via Rss.

Do you have a faint remembrance of that book's image , but couldn't recollect it's name or author ? no worries, just search for ebooks by its image cover to see the one you are looking for.

If you are stuck with choosing the ebook to download on your ipod, follow their random ebook pickings or head over to readers recommendation section, or see what books people have recently downloaded.

you can also share your views about the book you liked or downloaded, by writing a review, or just contributing to the current recommendations, with your top 5 favourites.

The library is more rich with Special collections and series collections. To stay updated with collections, you can subscribe to the rss feeds available.

The help section, has all the details on how to get the ebook on your ipod, or what readers you can use to view them on your desktop or if you have any additional queries not found on help section, you can also contact them directly.

As a whole, is one of the best online ebook library, that delivers ebook directly in the ipod notes format, which you never want to miss.

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